As of right now, I have written 2,177 blogs for this website. That's over the years, of course.  And yeah, it sounds like a lot.  Two a day adds up over the years, I guess!  So I got to thinking when I saw that number, and thought, "Just what the heck have I been writing about, anyway?" I mean, I remember what I write and stuff, but I guess it can all get to be a blur when you're thinking of a longer period of time.  So I decided to just review what I've written this year and pick out some favorites/least favorites/ones you liked/ones you hated, etc.

Today's theme, animals!  These are my favorite posts I've written this year about pets and animals.  Enjoy the little trip down memory lane.

The inspiration from this one came from the infamous Facebook group, Sedalia's Voices. There some good and some bad on there, and this is a great example of the good. I asked them to show me photos of their pets, and they didn't disappoint. I actually had to kind of cut it off after a while, because there were getting to be too many pictures. I guess that's a good problem to have. Sedalia's pets are so cute.

The idea for this one came from me seeing a dog in a car, plain and simple. I asked myself what the actual rule is, and what I would do. This one turned out to be a favorite of mine because of people's reactions to it. People are very passionate about this issue, and I loved to get the interaction with you guys. Some of you got mad, though, that got a little scary.

One day I was sitting at work, thinking about our upcoming event we used to have in the winter, Cabin Fever. My mind wandered out to the Fairgrounds where the event was held, and... bam. I asked myself about the fish. What happens to the fish at Highway Patrol area when the Fair is over? I asked around the office, and nobody seemed to know - and everybody Wanted to know. So that made me think, "I should probably write about this." I reached out to the people who know these kinds of things, and got a satisfactory answer.

This one was suggested by a listener.  A nice lady sent me a message telling me about Gus and how he was on the TeeVee. I liked the story, obviously, and it was national news, after all.  Well, not "news" but you know what I mean.  The news always has a little story about something cute from time to time so you don't get overwhelmed with bad news and crime.  At the station we call them "fluffy bunny stories".

This one was suggested to me by someone else in our company who had tried it in a different market.  I was surprised at how many places you could bring your dog, and also at how many I missed.  People were not shy to let me know that I missed a few, and that's fine.  It took me a while to find the different places, took a little research on my part.

When I get overwhelmed with bad news or social media negativity, I go to the Sedalia Animal Shelter Facebook page and look at cute animals.  It helps me. I saw the story about those poor pups that were abandoned, and decided to spread the word.  I mean, i can't have a dog right now, and I don't really have the money to donate to the shelter, so I figured I'd do what I could. As little as it is.

This was a fun one!  I got a message from a listener on social media very early in the morning after this happened. She even gave me the photos, they were very relieved to have their pet pig back.  I enjoyed everyone's reactions to it, too.  It's always nice to see an officer do something that makes people smile.  Since there's such negativity towards the police in society in general, I wanted to share a story that would be positive.

Every now and then, I'll see photos of these guys on social media. I've even seen them at least... five times around town.  I like them every time I see them, I don't think anyone can look at them and not smile. Cute dogs, sunglasses, bam.

Did you like these stories? Which one was your favorite?  Can you believe I've written over two thousand of these freggin things?

Bloggily yours,

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