There's a really cool little feature with Google that tells you what people are searching for in your area. 
It's called Fright Geist and it's basically just a database of Halloween Costumes. And so, obviously I had to re-look this up and see what we're going to be going as this year.  It's not as specific as the last time I did this a few years ago.

1.  Vampire.


I admit, I was surprised about this one. Vampires are back, baby! Maybe it's because it's an easier costume?  Or maybe they're scarier than I think they are.

2.  Superhero.


This one wasn't as shocking.  Superheroes are all over the movies and tv shows these days, and I'm sure every kid has their favorite.  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Gamora... there are a ton to choose from.

3.  Barbie.

Girl dressed in pink looking like shop mannequin

Okay, that picture is creepy.  But I suspect the little kids of Sedalia and Pettis County will be less creepy.  But here's the big factor - which job is your Barbie going to have? I looked it up, she's had at least 130 careers over the years. I personally would prefer Rappin Rockin Barbie, but that's just me.

So much street cred.

4.  1980s.

Someone wearing the socks over the pants

For some of you, that means the kids just have to go up into the attic and grab your old leggings and baggy neon sweatshirts.

5.  The Renaissance.

James Pauls

I admit, I couldn't find a cleared picture for this one.  But you can kind of see the outfits in the background.  This one definitely surprised me, I guess kids have been watching prince and princess movies long enough, they want to look like that.  Either that or we have a secret assembly of the Renaissance Fair here in town that I don't know about.

What are you going as this year?  What's your kid's costume?

Costumingly yours,

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