Last year around this time, I gave you a somewhat tongue in cheek rundown of the different types of Fairgoers. And now that the Fair's been going for a few more days, I've noticed a few more types that are making their way around the grounds.

1.  The Tired Dad. 

He's got two little boys with him who want to play every game and go in every building and try every food there is imaginable.  Sure, he's trying to be a good dad and keep them in line, but you can tell he's exhausted.  You'll probably catch him on a bench while the boys chase each other out on the lawn of the Highway Patrol Building.  He's probably wondering how Patricia does this every day and remembers she asked him to get her a yard stick.

2.  Food Dude. 

He's here for one thing and one thing only.  He's on a mission.  He's going to walk around to every booth, every vendor, and he's going to eat DEEP FRIED EVERYTHING. If it's on a stick, you know that dude's gonna eat it. He's got his refill Lemonade Shake Up cup, and he's on his way to the cotton candy.  He even skipped breakfast today to make sure he had enough room for it all.

3.  The Biker Dude. 

Sure, it's 90 degrees outside and the humidity is in the 70s, but he does not care.  He's going to walk around in his black leather vest and blue jeans and his heavy boots.  He's probably got a Harley bandanna on.  Usually seen in groups, this dude will often be accompanied by the Biker Chick, and hardly ever seen without reflective sunglasses. He looks tough, but he's got a big, hearty laugh if you get him at the right moment.

4.   The Dude Who Forgot His Sunscreen.

Yep, you can see him coming from a mile away.  He thought he'd been out enough this summer that he'd be fine, after all, he did have that weekend at the lake.  But no, you can tell this dude is already in a lot of pain from being out in the sun.  His skin is red even though he's only been out for a few hours, and he's got a sports jersey tan line in full effect.  He's usually accompanied by a lady that Told Him So, wearing a nice sunhat.

5.  The Troublemaker. 

He's had just a liiiiittle too much beer.  He's not looking for a fight, but he is looking for a little drama.  He's the kind that snicker at the cops when they go by on their scooters.  If he'd been just a little louder, there might have been a problem. He tells the carnival workers he knows all about how their games are rigged.   He's gonna go get an elephant ear and walk around a little more but he won't sober up enough before the concert.  He'll go in, and he'll "Woo" but he'll leave early because "they're not as good as they used to be" and some guy was "giving him grief".

Well, it takes all kinds to make the Missouri State Fair what it is.  Have you seen any of these guys around the grounds?

Fairly yours,

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