It looks like it was a very well-built home many decades ago. But, now it's a mystery why someone has abandoned this remote old Missouri farmhouse.

Several things worth noting before I share the video from a backyard explorer. #1. He doesn't give the exact location because he doesn't want intruders causing problems for the guy that owns it. #2. He took the time to get permission before going in and recording this video. Trespassing is not cool. That being said, this is an interesting look back into the past of a farmhouse that has seen better days.

He wasn't given a date when it was built, but I'd guess early 1900's to 1920's based on the architecture. Sadly, what was once probably a very attractive and functional home has now been taken over by spiders...

BackyardExploration via YouTube

and wasps...

BackyardExploration via YouTube

The exterior appears to be covered in poison ivy and there's overgrowth just about everywhere else. When you look at the classic woodwork and the other "bones" of the home, it looks like something could be done to bring this home back from the brink.

As it is now, it's just a shadow of what the home used to be in the past. I would imagine lots of family history within these walls.

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