I like crushed red pepper on my pizza. I love spicy stuff but is this a little too spicy?

I was going through the basket in the break room while I was waiting for my coffee to warm-up in the microwave. I came across this packet and it definitely caught my attention.

Do you see what I see? "Crushed red peppers treated with radiation". Wait a minute...did I read that right? I went to another packet of crushed red pepper from another company and it didn't have the same disclaimer. Now this got my attention...I'm wondering about this stuff!

I went online to find out what's going on with this "radiated" stuff that I've been sprinkling on my pizza pie.

After some research I was shocked to find that most of our produce and meats have been treated with radiation. After checking further I found that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been allowing Irradiation since the early 60's.

What is irradiation?  Irradiation is the process of treating food and other consumer products with gamma rays, x-rays, or high voltage electrons to kill potential harmful bacteria and parasites, delay sprouting, and increase shelf life.

So you decide...do you still use this packet of red pepper on your pizza or not?


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