If you caught the end of the Royals broadcast on Bally Sports Kansas City Wednesday you couldn't miss the guy wearing the tiger suit holding up signs taunting the Royals mascot Slugger and Royals fans watching on television.

I had the game on the tube while doing some work from home and started paying attention when Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler started muttering something about signs and how the guy should just watch the game. That, by the way, is a very loose paraphrase since at that point I wasn't thinking I'd be writing anything about the game.

I looked up at my television and saw a bald guy with a goatee wearing a tiger-striped sport coat holding a sign that said, "Slugger dates tigers." A  batter or two later I noticed him holding a sign that said, "Marry me Gutfeld."


Then a sign that said, "Slugger escaped from the Detroit Zoo."

Bally Sports Kansas City

After that, he seemed tired and kept putting up the "Marry me Gutfeld" sign. Until he popped up behind broadcasters Jeff Montgomery and Joel Goldberg doing the postgame show with a sign that said, "Jeff Montgomery Fan Club."

Bally Sports Kansas City

So who is this guy, and what's he doing at the Royals game?

Bless You Boys, a website devoted to the Detroit Tigers, got curious about Tiger Suit Guy, who some folks refer to as Tigerman after they saw him sitting behind home plate at Tigers games.

According to Bless You Boys, Tiger Suit Guy is Jim Nelle, the owner of a large roofing business in several midwestern states including Michigan and Missouri. And after years of working hard building his business, he's finally able to take some time off and root for his Tigers and have some fun rooting for them at home and on the road.

Tigerman has been around too. He's seen the Tigers play road games in fourteen different stadiums. And he always wears the tiger-striped suit. In fact, the hottest game he's won the suit to was a game in Kansas City where it was 105 degrees.

And while his holding up signs behind home plate was a little annoying, can you really be mad at someone who's a card-carrying member of the Jeff Montgomery Fan Club?

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