There is apparently concern that an invasive beetle that is a known tree killer could be affecting Missouri soon if not already based on a warning by the state.

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This is the one bug you don't want to see in your tree ever. Once infested, a tree is a goner if this beetle makes its home there. I saw KY3 out of Springfield sharing word that the state of Missouri is issuing a warning about what is known as the Asian Longhorned Beetle. They featured an interview with Robbie Doerhoff from the Missouri Department of Conservation. His quote is curious to me. I've bolded the part that is unusual in my opinion. Here it is word for word:

“The Asian Longhorned Beetle is considered a huge risk for Missouri,” Doerhoff says. “We have not had any found in the state in the past. As of today, there are none present in the state. However, we consider this a high risk since these beetles travel in wood and pose a risk to our trees.”

So the Asian Longhorned Beetle has never been found in Missouri and isn't here now, but be on the lookout. It makes me wonder if there are reports about to be shared or if this is purely precautionary.

He's not wrong about this beetle being a tragedy if it ever does end up in Missouri. The Department of Conservation website adds this:

Our lumber, maple syrup, nursery, commercial fruit, and tourism industries could be devastated.

I think it's safe to say we all love our Missouri trees, so better to warn now and keep a watch out instead of being sorry later.

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