I was on my own on Saturday morning, and so I decided to get in some house cleaning.I cleaned the bathroom, I vacuumed the floor, I swept the kitchen, I did the dishes, I cleaned the kitchen floor, you know, basic stuff.  It got me to thinking about what my kitchen lacks in the cleanliness department.  Am I doing enough?

I mean, I guess I am.  I think I follow the basics, I don't leave food out and stuff.  But is that all that I should be doing?  I went to the Googles, as I am wont to do, to see if there is in fact something that I think is normal that is actually, you know, uncouth.

 How would you feel about eating dinner at a restaurant where they stored their meat at unsafe temperatures, didn't properly rinse off their fruit, and didn't always sanitize a surface after cutting raw chicken on top of it?  Turns out a lot of you guys DO that kind of stuff, and we don't even know it. I saw a report from a Los Angeles health inspector and it kinda freaked me out.

They found that at LEAST one out of every seven people's home kitchens would FLUNK a health inspection.  To compare that to commercial kitchens, about 98% of restaurants pass health inspections.

The big mistakes people make at home are keeping their refrigerators at temperatures higher than 41 degrees . . . storing raw meat on shelves above other foods . . . and not fully rinsing off fruits and vegetables.  To get the data, 13,000 people took a survey and answered questions about their kitchens.  14%, or one out of seven, gave answers that show their kitchen would fail a health inspection.

Well, I do keep my fridge cold, I do rinse my fruit,... but I didn't know about the meat thing. I mean, it's on a plate, it's still in the package,  it's not leaking, isn't that good? Now I'm going to go have a mild food related freak out, thank you.

Cleanly yours,

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