And now, day three of my vacational journey to the Windy City. And yes, it was windy. And cold! 

I'd been planning this trip since March, when tickets went on sale.  And now, it was time for the big day.  It was about 40 degrees on the day of the big concert. It threatened to rain, but everything turned out alright.   Check out the photos and such!

It really was crazy, there were so many people there.  And the show itself had so many cool things in it.  A disco ball, lazers, pyro, confetti, giant columns, blow up leopards, animations, collapsible bubbles, fireworks, a bouncy castle with a slide... and Jungkook fregging FLEW.  I am a terrible photographer/videographer, so this is someone else's video, but you need to see this (credit to YouTube user theultimatedodo).

At about 1:50, the crew locks him in to a zip line that ran all around the stadium.  And he just did it like it was nothing.  Just flying in the air above sixty thousand people, singing.

What. WHUT.  Who does that?!

After the show, we all filed out of the stadium, back to our lives.  We parked about six blocks away to avoid the crazy parking fees (Eighty dollars for a spot?! Seriously?!).  The entire crowd was just buzzing about the show, and I could hear little snippets of conversation here and there.  The rickshaws were very clever, and kept cycling around playing BTS songs.  Cute. All told, we had been at the stadium for about four and a half hours, and it was a great experience.  The staff were really nice, the fans were polite and friendly, and with layers, it wasn't that cold after all. It was definitely worth the money and time spent, all told.  I don't know if I'll go to another BTS concert, so I am glad I got to really enjoy this one and that everything worked out.

Concertly yours,


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