Every now and then, I'm reminded of the benefits of social media as opposed to their rampant downsides. This... is beautiful.  The Belton, Missouri Police Department has unleashed their sarcasm to Facebook and I am here for it.


This is Dillon Connely, everyone we talk to says they have no idea where he is and they don't know how to find him. We here at the Belton Police Department feel bad for Mr. Connely not having close friends that know how to contact him. Please show Mr. Connely how much we all care by sharing and liking his picture. If you know how to contact Mr. Connely, please let us know so we can reach out to him and let him know we care about him and his felony warrants for theft, receiving stolen property, possession of a stolen vehicle and tampering.....just to name a few. Please call (816)331-1500 with any information

YEOWCH. I'm gonna need to get that man some medical attention for that burn.

2md p

This is Eric D. Strother, we completely missed his birthday recently and would like to offer him an all-inclusive stay at our facility.....oh, and he's wanted on Felony 1st Degree Assault charges. If you know where he is, or how we can reach him, please call (816)331-1500. Let's see if we can get Mr. Strother 100 likes and 100 shares for his birthday.

Thank you, Belton Police, for making me laugh. And I hope you find Dillon and Eric!

Policingly yours,

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