The Black Crowes recently announced a reunion tour and a new live album, and now the band have given fans their first taste of the upcoming music. The Crowes' cover of Bob Dylan's 'Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You' is streaming at

The track, which is the first teaser from the upcoming 'Wiser for the Time' album that's due on March 19 via Silver Arrow/Megaforce Records, is a live version of the Dylan classic that's also been covered by artists as diverse as Johnny Cash and Cher.

"The Black Crowes have always covered a lot of Bob's songs," Crowes front man Chris Robinson tells Rolling Stone. "In my mind, this great tapestry of music we are involved in cannot be weaved without sharing Bob's mighty threads!"

Musically, the track is a perfect fit for the band. The song first appeared on Dylan's 'Nashville Skyline' album that helped pave the way for country rock, and the Crowes lend it a loose feel framed by percussion, acoustic guitars and a simple, but effective piano part. The instrumental highlight of the track is an appropriately twangy solo that is understated, but perfectly phrased, while Robinson interprets the melody with just a hint of Dylan's original inflections, but (obviously, since it's Dylan) in a far stronger, more soulful vocal performance.

The Crowes will kick off their Lay Down With Number 13 tour on on March 24 in Manchester, England. The 26-date road trek is scheduled to run through May 4, when it wraps up in New Orleans.

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