A Malaysian preacher is under fire from BTS' ARMYs (fans) after he made comments about the group being "demonic," and even going as far as to call them and other K-pop artists "sons of Satan."

PU Syed Bakri, a celebrity preacher who has amassed a large internet following, called for a boycott of BTS' potential upcoming 2020 tour to Malaysia, as well as a boycott of other K-pop acts. Newsweek reports that one of his Instagram captions (translated to English) reads: "New demons just keep coming. There are many promoters that are willing to sponsor programs of sin like this."

The preacher also took aim at their BTS World Tour: Love Yourself movie, claiming it was banned in Russia for being "gay."

"Even Russia, a country of infidels, knows how to look after their people," Bakri wrote in another Instagram comment.

Bakri won the Malaysian reality show Pencetus Ummah in 2015. The competition show finds "the most talented imam," which is a preacher who leads prayer in a Mosque.

BTS is expected to go to Malaysia in 2020 as part of the Visit Malaysia 2020 tourism campaign.

See the Instagram posts and comments from ARMYs below.

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