Is the Temperature Ever Right on the Bank Sign?
So you're driving down the street on a hot summer day. You pull up to the stoplight in a line of traffic. Your air conditioner is cranked as you try to find some relief from the sun. You look down at your dash and the display shows that it's 93 degrees, but wait you look up at one of the l…
See How Many Bowling Balls Are Found During Home Renovation
You'll find some strange things buried in the dirt around your home's foundation. Some were dropped by accident and others planted back in the day for the current owners to find and to speculate on the findings, but this Michigan homeowner's find probably tops the list of weird things…
Subway to Give Away 1 Million Free Sandwiches
If you wear glasses, you've probably taken them off, cleaned them and put them back on again. If you don't wear glasses you've probably rubbed your eyes. No, you didn't see million free sandwiches. So what's the catch, right?

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