Are You Harming Your Cellphone By Doing/Not Doing This?
It's become an extension of our arm. If it's not in our hand, we have it stashed in our pockets, in a purse, tucked in a case or safely within reach. It's our cellphone. We rely on it like no other device. For most we'd lost without it. Some would go as far as saying that couldn&…
Signs That Could Point to a Long Winter
Before all the technology. Before the meteorologists, Before the radar weather. Before all the tools that help us to to forecast the weather, what were the tools that were used to predict the upcoming season?
Would You Try This Sandwich?
As you go through life you'll eat many things. It will be food that you want to try because it looks interesting, it will be something you will try on a dare, and then there are certain foods that you eat because of tradition. Well, I can guarantee this won't be a tradition that will be st…

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