It seems like the entire country got the same snowstorm we got. 

So I guess it's good to not be alone in this? Or something like that.

Right now, the answer to "What's America's snowiest city?" is "Gott dammit, ALL OF THEM."  But, historically, some cities get it worse than others.  So this seems like as good a time as ever to talk about them. compiled this list based on historical records, which vary from city to city but go back anywhere from 50 to 150 years.  These are the top 10 major metropolitan areas that average the most snow year in and year out.

#1.)  Denver, Colorado, an average of 60.3 inches of snow every year.

#2.)  Cleveland, Ohio, 59.3 inches

#3.)  Salt Lake City, Utah, 58.5 inches

#4.)  Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, 49.9 inches

#5.)  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 47.3 inches

#6.)  Boston, Massachusetts, 43.2 inches

#7.)  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 43 inches

#8.)  Detroit, Michigan, 41.1 inches

#9.)  Chicago, Illinois, 38.8 inches

#10.)  New York, New York, 28.9 inches

So I guess I'm happy I don't live in Denver?  I guess.  I don't hate the snow, just not this much, guys.  Not this much.  I can't see my grill, you guys.

Snowingly yours,


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