One of my favorite events for one of my favorite causes is going on Saturday  It's the adult Easter Egg Hunt benefiting the Child Safe Organization.  Child Safe is a organization that helps children who have been physically and or sexually abused.  It's a safe place where kids who have been abused can talk to a professional about what has happened to them in a safe environment. It is videotaped and sent to prosecutors and law enforcement so the kids only have to tell their story one time.  It's a great organization and this is their biggest fundraiser.

The Adult Easter Egg hunt is held at the Exhibition Center on the Fairgrounds, and the doors open at 5:30 p.m.  There is food, entertainment, drinks, and of course, the hunt.  The hunt is held at night, so bring a flashlight.

You can lots of cash and lots of prizes.  Our Friend Kyle Herrick at Bryant Motors is also giving someone a chance to win a brand new car and $10,000 cash! It's going to be a great night, rain, snow or whatever mother nature throws at us.  Get your tickets and Bryant Motors, Warehouse Tires or at the event.

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