It's National Chocolate Milk Day.  Because we have to have a national day for everything, don't cha know!

I am a fan of chocolate milk, I think most people are.  But, I will fight you if you try to tell me that chocolate milk from the carton is better than the kind you make yourself with syrup.

I Will Fight You.

I will concede that you can make chocolate milk from the carton BETTER by diluting it with regular milk.  It's just too thick on it's own for me.  And for some reason there's always a ton of bubbles!  Get out of my face, bubbles. Don't even get me started on cocoa powders.  You can never get it all the way mixed up right, and there are always little chunks of powder floating around in there.  I'm here for a glass of refreshing chocolate milk, not to choke on grainy chocolate powder.

The only downside of the syrup method is that the glass can be a little harder to clean.  But if you're not a deviant, and you put a little water in the bottom of your glass of milk when you're done LIKE A REAL HUMAN, it's no problem.

So let's take a second and thank the man that made chocolate milk a thing, Hans Sloane.  Apparently he was in Jamaica in the 1860's and tried a local chocolate water drink.  He didn't like it, so he experimented until he got chocolate milk.

Which does not come from brown cows, by the way.

Chocolately yours,


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