I recently asked my boss if we could get something for my studio.

Basically, I stand for most of my day when I'm working. Sure, when I'm writing, I'm sitting at my desk, but standing for hours at a time on a flat surface makes my back hurt. Like, it gets tense and can be hard to bend down or move around.  I have to sit for a few minutes to bring myself back to right.  After a while, I remembered that well, it's not going to fix itself. So I thought of a solution - a little padded mat the floor for me to stand on.  I asked my boss, and he said yes! So now I have what hopefully will be a solution to my problem. Or... our problem?


I got to thinking about it and I realized that I've heard about problems Americans have with this before. I did a little basic googling, and I found it. One in four of us deal with neck and back pain. Like, every day. It's usually caused by things like heavy lifting, sitting too long, standing too long, bending over, stuff like that. So basically, existing at work.  It's something most people have to deal with, particularly those over the age of thirty, I'd imagine.

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So if you have back, neck, leg or any kind of pain from what you do at work, how does it come about? It is from repetitive motion or from weight or from long periods on your feet?  More importantly, what do you do to fight it? Do you have a special desk or chair, or do you wear special shoes?  A brace? A pillow?

Tell me all about it in the comments or on the app, maybe you'll help someone else find a solution to their work pain problems!

Painlessly yours,

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