Okay, so here it is, I'll put it out there. I'm on medication for the treatment of high blood pressure (that's why we're eating healthier, I need to lose weight, etc etc etc).  One of the side effects of this medication is dry mouth.

This is a problem.  My job is partially about talking on the radio.  I can't be slurping on water or mints or chewing gum while I'm trying to talk.

I drink so much water, you guys.

So much water.

I find, for some reason, that cold water is more helpful?  I drink and drink and drink and it only helps for a few minutes at a time. So I tried artificial over the counter stuff. I have a mouthwash that's supposed to help.  It did make a bit of a difference in the early mornings, maybe an hour or two.  I got special mints that were supposed to help, and well, they didn't.

I looked on the internet for other things that might help, but I don't see myself sucking on ginger root or holding a seance with aloe vera or whatever.  A more practical suggestion was to give up caffeine... but I can't give up what I don't use.  I don't drink coffee, or if I do it's very rarely, and I have maybe one soda a week.  I'm being so serious when I say I drink a LOT of water. 

One of you guys must have gone through this same thing. I mean, it's not that crazy of a problem to have, right?  It just seems more annoying to me because I'm so aware of it with my profession.

Have you tried something that worked for you? Was it a mouthwash,  a toothpaste, a mint, or some kind of natural remedy?  What worked?  Please don't ask me to do anything super crazy unless you're 100% sure it's going to work.  I'm not a conservative person but I don't want to spend money on a banzai tree humidifier or something and then have it not work.

Let me know if you've got some ideas.  I would appreciate it.

Dryly yours,


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