Have you always slept on the same side of the bed?

In what appears to be a very unscientific survey by mattress maker Saatva, 40 percent say they've slept on the same side of the bed for their entire lives.

Of this group, over half admit that it was never a conscious decision on their part to choose either the left or right side.

Whether it indicates a political bias or not, a slight majority prefer the right side with 58 percent of men picking it compared to half of women.

Asked why the right side, seven in ten said it made them feel more relaxed.

But there are also practical considerations. Three-quarters say their choice of a side has to do with having an electrical socket nearby so they can plug in a clock or phone.

Of people who share beds, most say it's better when their partner is facing away from them. In fact, 72 percent of women prefer their partner's backside than front side.

It's a little weird now that I think about it, but there was no real discussion as to which side of the bed Boyfriendo and I would take.  It just happened.  I take the one on the left if you're facing the bed.  It used to be next to the wall, and his was next to the door.  Why, I have no idea.   Well, maybe that's not true.  He used to have the side that was closest to the door so he could have less footage to travel to get out of the room.  So let's see what's going on in your sleeping arrangements. Which side of the bed do you sleep on?  Have you always used that side?  Is there a reason you have that side as opposed to the other?

Left side for lyyyyyfe,


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