Pancakes! Who doesn't love a pancake?

Apparently some people are afraid of pancakes. It's a thing, and it's called Trypophobia. But I guess  they're not really afraid of the pancake, it's just the little bubbles/holes on the pancake that freak them out.

But isn't life about facing your fears and overcoming them? It's about pushing through your insecurities and besting them! So that's why everyone should attend the Green Ridge Fire Department's Pancake and Sausage supper. You can face your fear of tiny bubbles in batter in delicious form. And if nothing else, just slather those holes with some butter and syrup, you won't even see 'em!

It's going to be held on March 8 at the Green Ridge School Cafeteria from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. It's only $5 for adults, and $2 for kids 10 and under.

DO IT. Face your fears! Right the wrongs in your gentle psyche! You're stronger than pancake bubbles, I know it.  And, you'll be doing something good to help the fine folks of Green Ridge stay fire free. Do it for the syrup! Do it for the sausage! Do it for the children! Do it..... because you will not be ruled by tiny bubbles!

Pancakely yours,

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