You guys know this, I'm a trier.  I like to try new things, especially new food and drinks.


And everything about this candy bar says I should like it.  I like Snickers. I like almonds, they're my favorite type of nut.  I'll actually take almond butter over peanut butter (sacrilege, I know).  It's got maple syrup in it, that's my favorite kind of syrup.  And, it comes in four little pieces as opposed to one big bar, which I like.  I like the idea of being able to have a little snack here and have the rest later without it going bad.

So here we go, another candy to try! Adventure awaits. It certainly has that Snickers look, you know how the chocolate on those things kind of waves? It has that. Okay.

This... is a disappointment.  To put it mildly.  It's not the chocolate, it's not the almond butter.. it's the maple.  The maple tastes like some kind of... artificial, bitter, expired syrup.  If that's a thing, this is it.   It's like that ONE STUPID THING you shouldn't have said in front of your crush when you were in your teens that you still carry with you to this day.  It's just that teeny bit off, and it's just enough to be ruined.

Don't get me wrong, the creaminess of the almond butter is nice.  There's a teeny little crunch of almond, and that's nice.  The chocolate is the same as every other Snickers, that's fine.  But that maple.  ICK. Why, Snickers?  Why?  How many people had to approve this to get it on shelves?  Do none of them have working taste buds? Did someone high up really like this idea, and everyone else just kind of fibbed and said it was fine when they were really dying inside because nobody wanted to upset the boss? That had to have been what happened.  What next, Snickers, are you going to do a bacon hot sauce Snickers? Why not, you've ruined this idea, why not another?  Guacamole and salsa Snickers? WHY NOT. Soy sauce and wasabi Snickers? SURE, JUST RUIN EVERYTHING GOOD IN THIS WORLD.

Obviously, I do not recommend this chocolate bar to you. And I've tried some Stuff.

Has there been a food, drink or candy that you were SURE you would love, that just went wrong?  What was it? Was there something you were sure you would hate, but ended up loving it? Tell me all about it!

Snackingly yours,

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