I try to be a polite person. But lately, I've seen some STUFF.

I don't think people do these kind of things on purpose, but we have to reevaluate what we're considering polite and impolite these days, in my Humble Opinion. You can't pick your nose or burp in public and get away with it, but for some reason people make OTHER etiquette mistakes every day and no one calls them out. Here are five etiquette mistakes you should never make again . . .

#1.) Not stepping away to make a phone call. The worst is when people do it at dinner. But if you need to make a call during ANY social situation, you should go outside, or go to a different room.  If you're standing in line at the grocery store, or sitting somewhere where you can't step away, just be as quiet as possible.

#2.) Arguing how you're going to split the check. If you're with a big group and you're all on one bill, it's inevitable that someone won't chip in enough, and others will have to pay extra.  So just be prepared to throw down a few extra dollars to make sure the waitress gets a decent tip.  And if someone consistently underpays, bring it up later . . . not in the middle of the restaurant.  For me, it's getting to be where I have to fight a little to even TRY to contribute to the bill when I go to dinner with my father.  He never, ever, ever, ever lets me even touch it.

#3.) Not giving up your place in line.  If you're in line at the grocery store and you know you have a cart full of stuff, and you see a person behind you with one or two things in their hands.... let them go ahead of you.  I especially do it if it's a pregnant lady or an elderly person.

#4.) Accidentally dominating conversations. When someone tells a story, ask follow-up questions. Most people tend to respond with some version of, "Okay, now here's how your story applies to ME."  That's not really listening so much as waiting for your turn to talk.

#5.) Grooming yourself in public. If something's stuck in your teeth, deal with it behind closed doors.  And even if you're just sitting in your living room with a friend, anything you'd normally do in a BATHROOM . . . like clipping your fingernails or cleaning your ears . . . should be done in a bathroom.  Just saying.

What would you add to the list?  What do you see people doing that's just impolite?

Politely yours,


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