An expert recently explained why some foods taste better as leftovers than others.  And one reason is because cooling things down and reheating them changes the texture in different ways.  Meat gets tougher, but pasta gets softer.

Also, anything with starch will absorb the other flavors around it.  So pasta tastes more like the sauce it's in.  And if something has a lot of ingredients, the flavors blend together.  So it's harder to taste one specific thing, which some people like.


So with that in mind, do any foods actually taste BETTER as leftovers?  Someone recently brought it up on Reddit.  Here are the five most popular answers . . .


1.  Pizza.  Apparently heating it up in a frying pan makes the crust a lot crispier.

2.  Spaghetti.  Partly because the sauce soaks into the noodles.

3.  Chili.  Because it thickens up in the fridge and there's more flavor the next day.

4.  Lasagna.  Again, the sauce thickens up and the noodles soak up the flavor.

5.  Chinese food.  But a few people pointed out it has to be AMERICAN Chinese food.  Traditional Chinese food tastes better fresh.


A few other popular answers were macaroni and cheese, meatloaf, curry, and  OF COURSE, most of the stuff you'd eat on Thanksgiving.

Leftoverily yours,


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