Have you ever stolen anything?  If your answer to that is no . . . chances are you're a thief AND a liar. I say this because just about everyone has stolen SOMETHING in their life, even if it was by mistake.  I'm not talking about major theft or robbery or shoplifting or any of that.  So calm your boots, I'm not encouraging crime here, guys. Here are five things almost EVERYONE steals.


1.  Pens.  In one survey, 70% of people who work in an office said that a co-worker has stolen a pen before.  And we do it by mistake so often that doctor's offices actually tie them to clipboards.  That's why you see so many big flowers on the end of pens at the bank and places like that.


2.  A spot in line.  Which is like stealing other people's TIME.  One study found that when someone cuts, people object to it 54% of the time.  But if two people try to cut TOGETHER, it jumps to 91%.  I'm kind of a wuss, though.  Unless I'm with someone, I probably won't say anything.  I'll give them my best dirty look, though.


3.  Something from a hotel room.  With stuff like shampoo, it's not actually stealing, because they WANT you to take that stuff.  If you don't, they'll just toss it.  But 35%of people admit they've also stolen things like towels and sheets. I've definitely taken the shampoos and soaps. I put them in my little travel case when I go somewhere for a long time out of town.  Saves having to put your shampoo or whatever in those little travel sized things, because they're already travel sized for the airplane.


4.  Lighters.  Which people steal by MISTAKE all the time.  Especially smokers, because they're in the habit of using a lighter and immediately putting it in their pocket.


5.  Condiments, straws, and napkins.  The best example is ketchup packets (or in our house, soy sauce and taco sauce packets). You probably have 50 of them sitting in a drawer, just in case you ever run out of ketchup you actually PAID FOR.

My grandmother used to nick everything if it even remotely looked like it was available.  Matchbooks, pens, rubber bands, paper clips, anything.  When she died we found stuff like that Everywhere.  Like literal black plastic bags worth of napkins.  But she grew up in the Depression, so we kinda got it.

What kind of stuff have you stolen, by mistake or on purpose?  I'm guilty of the pen thing, definitely. I have so many pens in my office.  So many.

Stealingly yours,


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