You know how Mondays can go sometimes.  Sometimes you try to pack in too much stuff to do, sometimes you try to tackle too much.So really, we all need a moment to decompress, right?  You need something that can make you just sit back and go, "Okay.  I'm alright.  This is fine."

For me, there are a few things that can do this for me.  Surely you know one of them is what my Husbando refers to as "Homeless Asian Boys".  But others are things like cute little cat or puppy videos, babies laughing, videos of people trying things for the first time, Mr Rogers clips, and... Bob Ross.

You know Bob Ross.  We all know Bob Ross. He was great.  He was so calming and reassuring and even if you  didn't paint, I think almost everyone liked him.  I liked everything about him, from his smooth voice to his kind of silly outfits, to his fro, all of it.  There was nothing NOT to like.

And you know what, you deserve it.  You deserve three and half minutes of Bob Ross Bliss.  So please, take it with my best wishes.

Treeingly yours,

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