We love people from out of town. Don't get me wrong. The more the merrier. But sometimes when people come in to our lovely town for the State Fair or any other occasion, they'll ask some questions that are frankly absurd to us Sedalians. Maybe this could be a sort of Cliff Notes or FAQ for newcomers to our city.

1. "What's the big deal about peanut butter on a burger?"

Have you had one? No? Then shut your face and get you one. I will fight you on this. And I don't fight clean. I'll bring the fuego. It's a Sedalia favorite for a REASON, jackson.

2.  "Why do you guys hate the Fair so much?"

It's not the Fair we hate. We love the Fair - the music, the agriculture, the carnival, the food, all of it. We hate the disruption of our routine. It brings more traffic, more crowds at the store, more.. everything. We love that everyone loves the Fair, we just hate to have to add another fifteen minutes to our commute.

3.  "What is the Ozark Music Festival?"

Okay, we'll tell you, but to be honest for a lot of people it still stings. Ask anyone around in the 70's about it and you'll be greeted by a grimace before a hesitation. In fact, you could argue that the OMF changed a lot in Sedalia, particularly in the concert choices to the Fair.

4.  "What's the weather like here?"

Ask a Sedalian, or even a Missourian this, and prepare for a long laugh. A long one. Let's just say we have..........all four seasons. In a day.

What would you add to the list?

Questioningly yours,

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