Yep, it's happening.  As of today, I am a  year older.

Husbando likes to make a big deal out of my birthday every year, and this year was no exception. Although really, I think he might have gone a little overboard.

It started on Friday, after I finished work. We got in the car and drove up to Kansas City, staying in a nice hotel suite.

Then, we went out for dinner at a lovely Tapas restaurant.  If you don't know what Tapas is, it's kind of like a Spanish restaurant that specializes in little dishes. Basically like an appetizer restaurant. A TASTY appetizer restaurant.

Then, after an evening of relaxing, we went with some of my friendos to an Escape Room. If you've never heard of those, basically what they are is a puzzle room. You and a few of your friends go to this place, and they have different themes and difficulty levels. You have one hour to try to figure out all the puzzles and if you do, you escape. If you don't, after an hour they let you out.  We had fun!

Then, it was time for a little lunch. Getting together with the joys of food is always great.

Then, it was time for a little culture. We went to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art. I'm sure if you haven't been there, you've heard of it. It's pretty famous.

Then, it was time to head home. We spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing, and that's about it.

Then tonight, there's going to be another dinner of some kind, and I'm sure that'll be great. He hasn't told me about that part yet.

Well, 38 is here, and I guess so far it's okay.

Birthdayingly yours,


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