Gorillaz took the city by storm when they played Chicago’s Huntington Bank Pavilion during the Humanz World Tour on Saturday, July 8.

The skyline glistened as the backdrop of the stage as Gorillaz played a sold-out show. Being their first concert in Chicago in seven years, it only made sense for them to have a full house.

Unlike earlier tours by the band, the Humanz World Tour focused on the actual “Humanz” behind the band, rather than the animated Gorillaz themselves. Damon Albarn, the musical genius behind the project, as well as the voice of the virtual band’s singer 2D, fronted the concert. In true Gorillaz fashion, a full band and a choir of soulful singers were present onstage.

Though Albarn took center stage, that isn't to say the virtual band was neglected in any sense: The spotlight was shared between the musician and the Gorillaz themselves as vibrant animations of the characters were projected onscreen across the stage.

Though Humanz features the talents of many guest artists, including Jehnny Beth (of the band Savages), Grace Jones, DRAM, Mavis Staples and more, not all of them were able to perform live. Cameos still made by featuring artists, however, integrated into the show in the form of videos, while other collaborators, such as Vince Staples and Del the Funky Homosapien, joined Albarn and the crew onstage.

During their set, Gorillaz showed love not only to the tracks from Humanz—such as “Ascension,” “Saturnz Barz” and “Busted and Blue”—but also to songs from the band’s earlier work. Hits from past albums, such as “El Mañana,” “Rhinestone Eyes” and “Clint Eastwood” were performed. (Unfortunately, fan favorite “Feel Good Inc.” was not included in the night’s set list.)

Overall, the performance was raw, energizing and eclectic. In the midst of the concert, Albarn commented, “It’s Saturday night in Chicago with a full moon. It’s f---ing beautiful!” What a beautiful night it truly was.

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