I've been sick - and you probably know it, sorry. It started on Friday and just took over. Now I've been sick before, mind you, but for some reason my voice always managed to keep out of the mess. It's the main thing I use for my job, so I was pretty lucky.

Not this time.

This time I've got a cough, sure. I've got a little bit of snot, sure. But I don't have the usual congestion that I've been used to. I've got a scratchy, patchy, drop out voice. It doesn't hurt, it just sounds bad. Usually when I get sick my voice will just drop an octave or something and I sound like a zombie. This time it's more like the Swedish Chef. Or maybe a teenage boy in puberty. Either way, it's not good when you're working in radio.

I've tried the basics, your teas and honeys and cough drops and lozenges, etc. But I want to pick your brains a little. Do you have anything you'd recommend?  Frog tunic? Choloroseptic? Home remedies? Tricks? I'm all ears... or all throat? Is that a thing? It probably shouldn't be a thing.

Croakily yours,

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