There's always something you can't quite explain.
Good to see that science and logic haven't killed Americans' alien fantasies just yet.

According to a new survey, 36% of Americans say they're CERTAIN that UFOs exist. That's about 80 million people. And another 48% aren't sure. Only 16% say there's no way aliens are flying around out there.

Let's take it even further. 10% of people believe they've spotted a UFO, and 55% believe that there are real "Men In Black" type agents who investigate UFO claims . . . and keep people quiet when they spot one.

The survey also asked people what they'd do if they came face-to-face with an alien on Earth. 22% would try to befriend it . . . 15% would run away . . . 13% would go home and lock their doors . . . and 2% would try to HURT IT.

So what about you?  Have you ever seen something you couldn't explain in the sky?  Tell us all about it!

Alienly yours,