Seth Goldstein was "feeling pretty good" halfway through his recent cross country race, as the senior from Cooper Yeshiva High in Memphis,Tenn. was edging toward the front of the pack.

But then something unusual happened. One of the runners he was closing in on collapsed. As the other runners kept going, Goldstein stopped to check on his competitor.

His lips were turning blue and his eyes were rolled back in his head," Goldstein told KNOX News. "I was terrified. But then I thought to myself, freaking out isn't going to help any here."

The nature of the cross country track was such that there weren't a lot of non-runners around. So Goldstein immediately called his parents and told them to phone 911. Then he rolled the fallen runner --who had bitten his tongue and was bleeding badly -- onto his side so he wouldn't choke on his blood.

The EMTs arrived soon after. They tended to the victim, who had suffered a heat-induced seizure but will be fine thanks to Goldstein's conscientiousness and quick-thinking.

The rescue workers were surprised to learn Goldstein had been part of the race and told him to keep running once they had the situation under control.

By the time Goldstein finished the race word of his heroism had spreed, and he was mobbed by his teammates at the finish line.

While it was by far his worst time, Goldstein would surely agree that it was his best race.