Does that sound passive aggressive? It would if he read this. Husbando and I alternate cooking dinner.  He goes out with his friends to play bocce or whatever on Monday nights, so that's my night to fend for myself with leftovers.  Tuesday, however, is his night to cook.  And he always forgets to get something out of the freezer because he lets himself sleep in from his game on Tuesdays.

So, invariably, 4:00 p.m. will roll around, and he'll say, "Darnit, I didn't get anything out of the freezer!"

I highly anticipate that happening tonight.  In fact, I'd be willing to bet on it.  I'll bet one solid, shiny quarter to you that he forgets to get anything out of the freezer for dinner tonight.

Things are what they are.  He always feels bad, and I help  him figure something out.  Since he forgets most of the time what's in the freezer (selective vision, I like to call it), I end up trying to give him a few suggestions anyway.

But lately, I've been in a rut! I don't know what to suggest anymore! I mean, how many times can I say, "Just make a big salad" or "There's probably a frozen dinner in there"... Eugh.  Aiiiiiish.  I need suggestions, gentle reader.  What's a good, easy dinner to make when Husbando forgets to get anything out of the freezer? 

Cookingly yours,


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