When we were kids, I'm sure everybody's parents taught them how to shower or bathe in different ways.  Maybe the way I learned wasn't the way you learned, who knows. 

I've always thought the way I showered was normal. It wasn't until roommates in college and various boyfriends have pointed it out that I realised  I must be the weird one.  It's not a bad thing, don't get me wrong. I'm not like, dancing in there or yodelling or re-creating Splash or something.  But yeah, I guess I'm in the minority. Apparently almost everyone in the rest of the world likes to have a shower for about ten to fifteen minutes.

Not me.

I'm more like... five minutes.  I'm not trying to shower quickly, I just do. I wash myself and I get out. I'm not rushing or anything.  I just  don't stand there and ... get wetter for ten minutes.  I don't see the point of that.  You're already wet, you've applied soap and gone through the proper procedure.  You're done. Now you're clean, get the heck out. It's not like you're going to get cleaner just by letting more water hit your face. What do you want, to get wrinkly toes or something? I think usually I'm in and out in something under five minutes.  Unless it's a day I'm washing my hair, then it might take a couple more.  And I guess people think that's weird? Husbando definitely does, anyway.  Here's what he said about it.

It's weird.  You shower super quick. I like to take my time in the shower.  I like to relax in hot water.  You don't even use hot water. I like to scald myself with hot water.

Like, almost every time I get out of the shower he says something about it.  Even the girls are a little shocked by it.  And it stupefies him further that I don't want second degree burns in the dang shower. I try to get to a nice medium cool temperature wise in the shower. I don't like to use super hot water, like, ever.  It's only pleasant in the winter if I'm really cold or something.  Most of the time I just keep it my medium temperature and I find it helps me not dry my skin out.

It's obviously not the weirdest thing about me - there are a LOT of other things Husbando would probably point out - but is it really wierd?  I can't be the only one that doesn't like dilly-dallying in the shower.

Are you a short or long shower person?

Cleanly yours,


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