So I saw a random survey that asked people how many keys they carry with them on a daily basis. 

As soon as I saw this survey I said, "Yep, that's me." I'm one of those people who has an incredibly difficult time convincing myself to take a key off my keychain. According to the survey, the average person carries around NINE keys - but can only say for sure what SIX of them actually unlock. For me, I have six, and I am 99% sure I know what they unlock. My front door knob, the front door deadbolt, the outer front, the back door knob, the back door deadbolt, and the key that unlocks the front here at the station.


Technically there are also two fobs - that have keys inside them, but I never use the keys (we have that automatic open thing when the key gets near the door) so I don't think those count.

On average, women carry slightly more keys than men. Women carry 10, men carry eight.  Husbando will only take his car key fob with him when he goes somewhere, so he does carry significantly less than I do. Women also usually remember what their keys open a little better than men.  Almost one out of 10 people say they carry around more than 21 keys.

Only 10% of people say if they lose their house keys, they have the locks changed -most people figure whoever found their keys won't find their house.  20% of people say they have a key "hidden" within 10 feet of their house. We used to do that, but now that there are only adults living in our house it's kinda pointless. Rocks are the most popular hiding place, slipping it under the doormat is second and putting it under a car tire in the driveway is third.  I can't imagine going to the trouble of the last one, honestly.

When I was a teenager, I had keys for EVERYTHING, but I mostly had keychains.  So many keychains. My dad had to tell me to take some off because it might hurt the starter? I don't know. I just did  as I was told and took off a few.

What about you? How many keys do you typically carry? Do you have a separate set of keys for home vs work?

Keyingly yours,

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