I'm on You Tube a lot at home.  I can't really say I don't watch TV or that I don't read books online, because I do, but I do spend a lot of time on You Tube. 

And a lot of the time what I gravitate to are reaction videos.  You know, videos were people will film themselves watching something or listening to something or eating something for the first time.  I love those things.  I don't know why, I just do.  Well, I found what may be the sweetest, most genuine, funniest reactor out there.

Grandma OK.

Who is Grandma OK?  Well, she's an 80 something grandma from South Korea who occasionally does reaction videos with her thirty something granddaughter.  The granddaughter is really the one who runs the channel, she has her friends react with her to other things sometimes, and sometimes she'll do videos in English (she studied in New York in college, so her English is very good).  But really, although I like Zoey (her English name), I'm here for Grandma OK.

Here's Grandma OK reacting to some of America's Funniest Home Videos.

It's a try not to laugh challenge, and it's pretty funny.  I also like the little memes and jokes Zoey puts in.

Grandma OK, surprisingly, loves Flamin Hot Cheetos.

I often go to the food ones, because well, everyone can relate to that, right?

And it's so fun to see Grandma be so open to try new things!  My grandma was very much a "give me my Wendy's hamburger so I can cut it in half and eat the other one later and I'll eat the same thing every Wednesday" person.  Grandma OK is nothing like that, she's trying it all.  And some of it she likes, some of it she doesn't.  That's the point, though, right? To share your honest opinion?  I would think so.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you some little fun videos to brighten up your Tuesday. If you want to watch more of ReactThing, you can do that here. What kind of videos do you like to watch on the internet? Do you have a certain type of video that will make you click every time?

Ok-ingly yours,