Okay, so I'm sure you've heard about this already, but being the resident Town Square Media Cat Person*, you know I had to weigh in.

This is Sherman.

Rebehka Cramer Moreland

This little floofball is the latest addition to the team at the Pettis County Sheriff's office.  He's about five months old.  The staff found him in a tree next to the station at the beginning of the month and let him in because it was so cold. There were no signs of a momma cat or any siblings, and no owners stepped forward. Then, as cats do, he grew on everybody.  After a short discussion, they decided to rescue him and let the office adopt him. So now, he is the Office Mascot! I went by and petted him a little and he is a doll. Everyone there loves him.

Now just a quick note to The Guy Who Won't Let Us Have Nice Things before you even pipe up: Sherman's needs are taken care of voluntarily by staff out of their own pockets. Nobody's taxes are going towards Sherman's kibble, so simmer down, mister. Let us have this.

Sherman has the run of the place and loves everyone, and it's a great way to perk up the morale at the Sheriff's office. I imagine it's a hard job and can get very stressful, and nothing helps with stress like the purrs of an adorable kitty.

He's awesome...or you could say... PAWESOME. You're welcome. Anyway, thanks to the PCSO for letting me come by  and meet Sherman. I'm glad he's found a good home and you've got a few more smiles in your day.

Rebehka Cramer Moreland

Enjoy the window, Sherman, and enjoy all the pettings and treats and love you'll get for the rest of your little kitty life. Now this begs the question.... we need an office cat here at the stations, right? It seems obvious to me that we do. We needed one, like, yesterday.

Felinely yours,






*Patent Pending. Not the same as a Crazy Cat Lady.