Yes, folks, today is the day.  I am, in fact, 41 years old. Not really a huge birthday, honestly.  Nothing remarkable.  My Dad will want to take Husbando and I out for a dinner, surely.  It's part of the tradition - I think a lot of people do that,though.

But this year, my birthday falls on a Friday, and more importantly, a Friday where I do not have to work Saturday.  So I should definitely do something fun.  Something I don't normally do.

Dad has told me over the years about a place called Charley's Buffet.  He says the place is great, and sometimes they'll have lines out the door because people are so excited to eat there.  Part of the reason for the excitement is because they're only open seasonally.  And then, on Facebook, there it was.


Is it KISMET?  They just happen to be open on the weekend of my birthday! And it must be good, look at all the responses.  Almost 300 comments, over 600 shares, almost 800 likes?  People sure are excited about it. I've never been, maybe this is the time to go. But then I feel bad going to all you can eat places... because I feel like I never eat enough to, you know, justify it.  Husbando razzes me constantly about how I only manage to eat ten bites of a burger.  One time I even counted out that I'd eaten FOURTEEN bites, thank you very much, just because I can.  So if I go, and I eat like one plate, I'll feel bad.  Maybe it'll be worth it for Husbando and Dad, then.  I know I can tell Husbando just to not eat that day and he'll go to town on it.

Well, what do you think?  Should we go and hope to get in, or should I go another weekend? Will you be going?

Buffetly yours,


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