I was on Twitter at work, looking for stuff to write about, because that's what I do sometimes. 


If you can't read that, it says "Beginning Tuesday, March 17, our first hour of operations will be dedicated to our senior shoppers.  All stores will also close an hour earlier in order for employees to clean and restock shelves."

I checked their official website, and it's true.  You can read their notice in that link.

Well I know my opinion means as much as anybody else's in the world, but I think they're doing a good thing there.  It helps to limit senior shopper's exposure - partially because they won't be around as many people as if they went at a different time of day. The other thing is, too, they'll be there when the store is at its peak of cleanliness, since the employees closed an hour early the night before specifically to clean and restock.

And it's good for us, too, because there are so many different places that are closing down or limiting business, so you can still get what you need without feeling guilty about possibly being a risk to someone and not even knowing it.

They gave their shoppers a benefit, and they probably reduced the stress of their workers by a good margin too.  You know how crazy it can be in a Dollar General on a normal day - there's usually  maybe like two people working in the smaller stores, and they're not normally able to sit still behind the register all the time.  No, they're off stocking, cleaning, they come to the till when you need them in the smaller stores. Can you imagine trying to run yourself ragged keeping stuff on the shelf when people are out there panic buying all day? Must be nice to have an hour where you can just do what you need to do without interruption.

I say, good for you, huge corporation Dollar General.  They didn't have to do that, you know how many stores they have all over the US alone... they could have just turned a blind eye and ignored it. "Whatever, just as long as we get the profits", you know, they could have easily done that.  But they chose not to.  They actually chose to do a good thing.  I hope we all do that every day, choose to do a good thing.

I'll get off my soap box now.

Generally yours,


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