I lived in Warrensburg for several years as a youngster. You better believe we ate our way around that town like nobody's business. But that's college for ya, I guess.  Even today, as much as it's changed, there's still a lot of great things to eat up in the 'Burg.  So, here are a dozen or so of the things you definitely need to experience as a BurgFooder (I made that up.  Does it work? I dunno.) if you haven't.  If you have, you probably are pretty familiar with the list!

You've had the Unknown Heroes and the Onion Rings at Heroes.

You’ve ordered the same pizza at Fitter’s in Sedalia and Warrensburg to see if they’re the same (I couldn't tell the difference, anyway).

You've made sure to get the Crab Rangoons at Hong Kong Express.*

You’ve ordered Mexican and BBQ at Copper Coyote.  Hey, sometimes you want tacos, sometimes you want ribs.  I'm not here to judge.

You've had the Turkey or Chicken Salami Panini at Café Blackadder.  I've heard it's been  listed several places online as one of the best sandwiches in the state.  I'm certainly not going to argue with the internet.

You had the pork tenderloin sandwich back when it was The Cross Eyed Cricket.
You made a special trip to get a Central Dairy Ice Cream in a homemade waffle cone at The Market downtown.

You’ve pretended to be a student while you stood in line at Chick Fil-a.  I know, you don't have to be a UCM student to enjoy delicious chicken.  But it's more fun to pretend it's for students only.  Like you're a REBEL, blazing your trail to get the treasured chicken.

You drove around for about ten minutes to find Sweet Summer Snow, the Snow cone truck that comes every summer.
Before heading out of town for any road trip, you had to stop and get some Beef Jerky from Alewel's Meats.

You’ve gone home with a Papa Murphy’s pizza along with your DVD rental from Family Video.

You've had the Greek and the Italian food at Player's. Souvlaki dinner is delicious, and you know you like the Cannelonni.  I can never eat it all, though.  Leftovers for me!

What would you add to the list?  What did we miss?  Is there something you can't get anymore that you miss?

Foodily yours,






*There may or may not have been a white house that was right next to Hong Kong Express that housed several young men in the Theater Department.  There may or may not have been several parties at that house involving the consumption of alcohol. I may not may not have attended several of these parties.  I may or may not have knowledge of the Crab Rangoons being better after these parties.

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