Nope.  No way. No how.  I'm taking time off to be with my family. 

We used to do this big thing once or twice a year called Bids for Bargains.  Basically it was an on air auction where you'd bid on different items and hopefully win some great local stuff.  My old boss looked forward to it every year, he hosted it himself and just dug the heck out of it.  I think he might have missed being on the air a little.  Anyway.  Now, BFB has evolved into an online auction, Seize the Deal.

And it's not like I'm going to be perched at my computer off and on all next week bidding on some of this stuff.  Nope.  Not me.

See this?

Well, that's just a stock photo of a car. BUT, TNT Auto Upholstery is determined to make you proud of your vehicle. From cars and boats to motorcycles and tractors, you can update your worn interior in no time. Whether you just need a patch or a complete restore, the experts at TNT Upholstery are ready to help. This offer includes one seat repair for the outer edge of the seat.

I'd feel as cool as Nick Offerman if my car were all fixed up with that package!

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

And that's pretty darn cool.

Or maybe you're more sporty.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

You could bid on the big cross bow set from Mo Kids Outdoors. At MO Kids Outdoors, their goal is to bring parents and kids together through outdoors events. This certificate can be redeemed for a Parker Bushwacker crossbow package. The package includes bolts, a quiver, a scope and a crossbow. That's worth almost 600 smackers!!

Maybe you wanna get organized. Maybe you need to have some extra room, but you're not Nick Offerman, so you can't build an extra room.

SO get a shed!  Get two sheds, I don't know your life!  Seriously, this is a great deal here.  Premier Portable Buildings provides residential storage units. They offer portable storage sheds, steel carports and garages. This certificate can be redeemed for an 8x12 premier utility building. The utility building is 72" wide and includes double swinging doors, urethane coated LP smart-siding, LP smart flooring, 2x6 treated floor joists and two 4x6 treated skids. Siding color options are mahogany, driftwood, honey gold and chestnut. You can also choose between 13 different colors for the metal roof and trim.

And the thing is, I haven't even BEGUN to scratch the surface of the deals on this auction. Check it out for yourself and start schemin.... I mean, um, spending quality time with your famil... I mean... yeah. Not that I'll be looking at it. Nope. Quality family time.

Auctionly yours,