The Sedalia pools' season officially came to an end with the 2013 Doggie Dive at Liberty Park Pool last night (Sept. 3). Dog owners brought their dogs out for a night of splashing in the pool, fetching balls and even a few dog races and dives in the deep end.

In years past, it seemed 20-30 dogs would come out for the fun, but this year there were so many dogs that came out, people had to park at Liberty Park Stadium's Parking lot. There were very large dogs, such as the Great Dane to very small dogs, such as the Pomeranians. Every one had a good time. It seemed the smaller dogs got tuckered out around 7:00, while the larger dogs were still going strong when the pool closed.

I think what would be a cool idea for next year is to have a local dock jumping contest. A lot of dogs were jumping on the deep end as it was, but it would be fun to see how our local dogs would do at one of the pools.