I don't know if you guys know this about me, but I'm a huge fan of the Netflix series Queer Eye. When I watched the new season, I was surprised to find out that one of the Heroes on the show was from right here in West Central Missouri!  First of all, I was so kind of annoyed, because how were they here and I DIDN'T KNOW.  Second of all, I was mad at myself for not even knowing they were in the Kansas City area until it was way too late (Can you imagine them making over Husbando? That would be more for me than for him, if we're being honest). But then after the initial saltiness faded away, I was happy to hear that they weren't just finding people from the city, but coming out here and representing the West Central Missouri area.

His name is Matt Moreland (no relation) and he runs a place called Red Barn Ranch out by Harrisonville.  So, I reached out on social media and asked if he'd want to talk about his experience.  Here's our interview!

One thing that Matt is very passionate about is something he calls "Indirect Agriculture Education".  He's very passionate about educating people about farming, about where their food comes from, without wanting to shove it down their throats.  He wants to be an ambassador of sorts for farming, and getting people connected again with farmers and agriculture. Basically, he wants to be the guy who answers questions for people about agriculture, to get them back to the basics of what it's all about. In fact, he travels all around the state trying to help his fellow farmers, pumpkin patch owners, and fellow agritourist groups to help them do the same.  I personally think this is much needed for our younger generations, to help them re-connect with what's really important here in West Central Missouri.

And hey, if he gets to spread that message a little more fabulously through the Queer Eye guys, even better!  Two great tastes that taste great together, in my mind.  Rural life could always use a little more fun, and a little more Jonathan Van Ness, obviously.

If you want to find out more about the work Matt's doing with agriculture here in Missouri, or if you want to just find out more about Red Barn Ranch, you can always reach out on social media.

Fabbingly yours,

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