Making the Band came back with a vengeance this weekend out on the party porch at Dickie Doo Barbecue.

Justin Lawson and the crew were definitely there to put on a huge show. There was all sorts of music out there from young talent in our area: everything from bluegrass to indie rock to heavy metal. The bands included groups such as: Danger Cardigan, Monkey Business, Limit 55, DNKL, Gods Among Titans, I4Got, Ocean's Atlas, Unseen Hatred, Sons of the Fallen, Prometheus, Reincarnate the Reason, and Every Other Friday. The crowd was great, clapping along and supporting these young kids. The Sedalia Animal Shelter was there to get some information out and interact with the crowd as well. I got to head out there and hang out, eat some great Dickie Doo Barbecue, and rawk out. I took some photos of the action, too!

If you want to find out more about the groups, about the project, or if you want to maybe get involved for next year, visit Making the Band's Facebook page. I know we here are all looking forward to what MTB has in store for next year.

Musically yours,