As we all know, young people heading off to attend a college or university in our fine state are there to get the best education possible. They're thinking of their futures contributing to our fine society with ample opportunity to serve their fellow man.Okay, now that your Mom isn't reading this anymore, let's get serious.   Yeah, you're there to get a degree, but you're also there to spread your wings a little bit, you know? You're getting some LIFE EXPERIENCE.  And that means at some point, you're going to be going out with a group of people to a probably very disgusting house that may or may not have actual curtains where dudes are going to play 90's R&B and drink cheap beer.  Someone there is going to be named Chris or Trevor, and you can put your coat on his bed. has compiled all the data from different reviews, costs, attendance and more and very scientifically figured this out.

5.  The University Of Central Missouri, Warrensburg.

Aaaah, my old alma mater.  The reviews on Niche give UCM an A- on party life. They also say Greek Life is fun but not essential, and varsity sports are a huge deal. There's less than eight thousand undergrad students at UCM, so size doesn't matter. They're ranked nationally at  #175 out of 1440.  I remember many an occasion sitting on the floor of some dude's living room floor, guessing what the stain on the carpet came from.

4.  Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville.

As a college, in general Northwest gets an A- on party life.   But they seem to be higher on the list because they're a little cheaper and the student to faculty ratio is higher, so I guess that means classes are a little better the day after.  The one word that best describes the typical student in their poll is "friend material". Northwest ranks #173 on the national party school list.

3. Washington University, St Louis.

Washington University is harder to get into than some other schools, so the students there consider "work hard, play hard" to be an appropriate weekend. But, the biggest party all year is an event called Walk In Lay Down, or WILD. They have it twice a year, and it's been an annual concert since 1973.  Basically the tradition was, kids would bring sofas on the campus quad and lie down and watch the shows. They don't let you do that anymore, but I think they might accept inflatable couches now.  They edge a little past Northwest to be at #171 on the national list.

2.  Missouri State University, Springfield.

This one jumps ahead of the others on the national ranking - all the way up to #93. The party scene grade is up to an A here, with about 40% of men on campus being in fraternities, and 36% of ladies being in sororities. The biggest event of the year is Dead Day Eve (one last big party weekend before finals, I think), but homecoming and Greek Week are also big.

1.  University Of Missouri, Columbia.

Mizzou gets an A+ grade in the party scene, and they're number #33 on the national party schools list.   62% of students say Greek Life is pretty big, and about the same amount say varsity sports are a big part of campus life.  60% of the survey said that there are lots of party options Wednesday through Saturday, and the biggest event of the year by far is Homecoming.  But don't worry, the polls also say that campus police are there if you need them but not overbearing, and 52% of people in the survey say that most people partake in some form, but no one treats you differently if you don't.

So there you have it, party people. Arm  yourself with knowledge, and choose wisely.

Collegiately Yours,



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