I guess I'm a simple person. I like games that are easy to follow, easy to learn, easy to play.The Moreland family is big into board games and card games.


I had kind of let my gaming hobby lapse before they came into my life. Now we have a crap ton of games, and plenty of video games, too.  But every time one of the girls asks if we can play a game, if they ask me what my suggestion is, I always say we should play UNO.  They don't always go along with it, but I try.


Yes, we have all sorts of different decks of UNO, because I love it so much.  Keep in mind there's at least another deck in the UNO machine.  It's just so fun to play, and it moves quickly, and with the different kinds of things you can do, it's never the same.  And its super great to bring to family parties with little kids.  Little kids love UNO even if they aren't very old, because it's easy to match colors or numbers.  And since they know how to do the basics before they even start playing, the rules of skipping and reverse and all that come much easier.

So really, the Morelands helped me remember I like games other than Nintendo. They eventually got me into playing games on my phone, which is something that I do almost every day now.  And you know I'm headed for trouble here, because....

There's an UNO mobile game.

With my Korean boys.

I already have the card version, obviously, but now that it's on my phone, you know I'm gonna be on that bad boy every night.  It's very addictive, you can earn little things like them encouraging you through audio or little stickers and stuff to put on your profile. It's also fun that I can tell who is who from one spoken word. I may have a problem.  But come on, CLEARLY that's JK saying "NO WAY".

I'm going to be very careful and not buy anything in game (that's how they get ya).  I've played other games that encourage buying things with real money in the game (I played a Futurama game for about a year that asked for money all the time).   I've played crossword games before on my phone, too, but usually those don't ask for money.   Seeing what you guys play on Facebook was fun, too, you guys told me you like games like Chess, Homescape, Gardenscape, Lily's Garden, Candy Crush Saga, etc.

I'm just gonna have to be careful, or I'm gonna lose like, three hours of my life every night to this game.  Maybe I should set a timer to be sure I don't get lost in it.

UNOingly yours,



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