I like to think I'm good with animals. Cats, dogs, birds, sure. But i don't even know what this guy is. Maybe with all the crazy warm weather we've had lately, some strange stuff is coming out.
Okay, I THINK I know what this creature is. It looks like a crawdad kind of thing to me. But, don't those things like living in water or rivers or something like that? They hate asphalt and concrete and all that, right? Or am I wrong, and this is a mutant lobster that's going to come and kill me in my sleep? It does look kinda freaky.

Maybe he lost his way. Maybe I'm being too judgmental about his claws and beady eyes. Maybe I should look beyond that...and see a new friend.

Or, maybe it does want to end my life. Who knows. As long as it stays away from me, I think we'll both be okay. Or maybe I should call LeMaire's. Someone may have escaped their clutches!


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