Kids,  I know we’re all easily charmed by the big, shiny, and brightly colored food booths all along the fairgrounds.  Heck, it’s easy when you’re surrounded by cheap,  convenient fare.  But, if you’ll bear with me, we can get something very very tasty. 

I know that you like ice cream.  You like burgers.  Heck, you like a lot of things cow-related.  So why not make a little bit of a longer walk down to the Gerkhen Dairy Center?   They definitely know their cows there.

They know it so well they make a different sculpture out of butter every year.


So not only will you see something amazing, but you’ll taste amazing ice cream and dairy goodies. And, if you need a break, there’s plenty of seating indoors, at tables, even, in air conditioning!

Enjoy the Moo-na Lisa,