I was listening to our 80's weekend and I heard Nu Shooz "I Can't Wait" and it brought back a flood of memories from my childhood.

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The first was this compilation album I had with the song on it. It was called "Dance Traxx Volume Two". It had some great 80's dance cuts including "Two of Hears" from Stacey Q, "For Tonight" by Nancy Martinzez and "Baby Love" from Regina. I think I bought it because I like those songs, but I probably wasn't going to buy any of those albums!

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The next was hanging out at the mall with my buddy Tom. A girl I had a crush on worked at Merle Norman in the mall. So whenever we wound up at the mall I'd stop in and see if she was working. The afternoon I remember was the same day we went to the movies to see Bangle Susana Hoffs in "The Allnighter". Not really that great a film to be honest. I loved the Bangles though, and Tom thought Susanna was cute, so we had to see the movie.

I'm sure as I continue to listen to our 80's weekend and hear songs I haven't heard in years I'll have flashbacks to other memories of my teenage years. That's the power of music and one of the reasons I love listening to the radio and not knowing what's coming up next.

You can listen to our 80's weekend here. I hope the memories it brings up in your mind make you smile as much as my memories make me smile. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Our 80's weekend continues through 7PM CDT on Sunday Night.