I'm sure you know what Project Graduation is, but if you don't, I'm here to fill you in! 

Every year, kids graduate from High School, and it's a big accomplishment. They're proud and excited and relieved and hopeful for the future. So after graduation, they like to celebrate, naturally.  Well, unfortunately sometimes bad decisions can be made by any human, and naturally some of the kids are going to be tempted to attend parties where underage drinking will be happening. Project Graduation knows that kids can get hurt or even die from abuse of alcohol and drugs, and wants to give them an option to celebrate safely.

So, Project Graduation is a program that a lot of schools use to provide that option. It's a fun party where there will be no drugs or alcohol, with adult supervision.  So, they can have fun, be safe, and not be confronted with peer pressure to drink or do drugs. But, to throw a party that awesome is going to take a little funding, right? You gotta get decorations, snacks, punch, maybe hire a DJ, rent a spot.. it's a lot of factors!

But, you can help.  The local Project Graduation for Sacred Heart Schools is having a fundraiser from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at our local Wendy's, 1301 South Limit. They'll be donating 30% of qualifying sales straight to Project Graduation.  Stop by, get some food, and know you're helping keep our local kids safe next year.

Burgerly yours,


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