Well, this was a huge weekend for the Blues in Sedalia, Samantha Fish on Friday the Lions Club Blues Festival on Sat.  I took our new guy Sam (better known as Blog Boy) with me all weekend, so I'm asking him to finish this blog and tell about his experiences, or those that are suitable to be told here.  Take it away, Blog Boy. -Denny

Blog Boy here! Denny's right, it was a great weekend for live music in Sedalia.  Samantha Fish tore the roof off of Dickie Doo!  Denny had let me borrow her latest album, "Runaway," and I really enjoyed it, so I was pretty excited to see the show.  Samantha and her band sounded awesome, and she was super nice to everyone who showed up to watch her shred some blues.  She even did some performing on one of the tables in the audience!  I took some photos at the show, you can check them out below.


As if I couldn't get enough good live music at the Samantha Fish concert, I was able to chill with Denny out at the Lions Club's Blues and BBQ Festival.  Twelve hours of delicious food and good music?!?!  Sounds good to me!

While Denny was enjoying the music, I hopped over to the BBQ competition and stole his place as a judge. Mmmmm, tasty stuff!


The music at Blues and BBQ was great, and it was awesome to see some of the local guys up there playing.  It's cool to see the community get together to support a great cause and enjoy some great music at the same time.  Denny and I threw back a couple of cold ones and enjoyed the show.  Here are some more photos from the festival.


Good food and great music: could you ask for a better weekend?  Denny showed me around an introduced me to a lot of really great people, and I had an absolute blast.  I'm looking forward to meeting more of you Bob listeners out there.  Come say hi if you see Denny and I bumming around town again!